This 12 week programme is for those that are ready to make positive permanent changes to not only to your body but total wellbeing. It’s not just about weight loss, it’s about a total lifestyle change. After completing the 12 weeks with me you will be equipped with the knowledge to ensure your fantastic results last forever without having to worry about calorie counting or the latest fad.

This is not just a weight loss programme this is 12 weeks of coaching to help you reach your health goals whatever they may be.

Why coach with me?

Ok so 12 weeks is a big commitment why should you sign up with me?

Evidence based nutritional coaching – I am trained in the science of nutrition there will be no faddy diet, instead  you can expect evidence based guidance and nobody telling you that low carb and covering all your food in coconut oil is the only way to lose weight.

A personal approach – Everybody has different needs so there can’t possibly be a one size fits all aproach to weight loss, we will discuss your goals and needs in detail and each element of your programme will be tailored to YOU.

The bigger picture – I take the time to look at you and your health as a whole not just one element such as weight loss so you can expect other possible prolems such as sleep issues or skin conditions to improve as well as dropping body fat.

The driving force behind my programmes – I am so passionate about my clients achieving their goals and nothing makes me happier than the emails and photos i receive when you have either made one of my delicious healthy meals or are feeling amazing in your swimwear / wedding dress / trousers you couldn’t fasten 6 weeks ago so i will go the extra mile to help you get there. 

 What you get:

  •  3 x 1-2-1 coaching sessions which will be held at my clinic in  the centre of Altrincham.
  • Tailored monthly meal plans 
  • Weekly online check ins 
  • Unlimited email support 



Limited spaces,  please contact me for availability, alternatively if you live too far or other commitments mean you can’t get in to see me face to face for sessions I also offer this programme online click here for more details.