My Story

I don’t do ‘diets’… firstly the word itself is associated with restriction and starvation and secondly ‘diets’ just don’t work. They often leave you feeling deprived and isolated having to count calories or points or even worse relying on shakes instead of food. Most of these diets result in failure and more often than not further weight gain when you start eating normally again

My nutrition and fitness programmes focus on total wellbeing, providing the body with the nourishment it requires to function optimally whilst still being enjoyable, achievable and sustainable. I teach my clients to discover ultimate health by following simple principles without having to obsess over calorie counting or the latest fad.

There is no one size fits all, I take into account each of my clients personal goals, lifestyles, budget and preferences and put together plans that work for them. I help a broad spectrum of clients from pre and post natal mothers, athletes, executives to anyone wanting to improve their health.

One of the best ways to maximise the body’s potential is to develop a healthy relationship with food  As well as my nutritional expertise I am also trained in NLP enabling me to help my clients deal with psychological issues such as emotional eating

I have a wide range of nutritional expertise that can help you with a variety of issues such as;

  • Weight management
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Cholesterol lowering and heart health
  • Women’s health such as pregnancy or menopause
  • Skin conditions such as acne or eczema

I am based in Hale, Cheshire and cover all surrounding areas, however if you don’t live local don’t worry I offer skype, email and telephone consultations and have various online coaching packages available.