After test flight, space tourist says trip was ‘one of the most pure and beautiful experiences of my life’

Fox Sports was on hand to witness the first manned test flight of a reusable rocket from Space X, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, on Sunday. Blue Origin regularly tests its New Shepard vehicle, which has performed three successful suborbital space flights to date. A New Shepard test flight carried a woman named Cady Coleman and New Shepard safety pilot Andrew Feustel for about four minutes in a 17-second ride, a major milestone in American spaceflight. The video posted by Fox Sports shows the entire flight and a clear view of passengers on the vehicle. Both women landed safely, and Coleman tweeted about the experience, saying it was “one of the most pure and beautiful experiences of my life.”

Thank you for making this possibility possible for so many. Thank you for sharing your story and hope with me. Your star shines alongside mine. — Cady Coleman (@capysheritagirl) June 16, 2019

Feustel also took to Twitter after the trip, saying that “some moments of awe are better than others.”

If this continues to go as well as it did, by the end of this year, we could witness the birth of many new American space heroes.

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