Amazon warehouse workers speak out about marathon day of commute

By Sandra Gonzalez Fox News

Amazon warehouse workers are recounting their grueling commute Thursday during an outage that impacted customers and production workers alike.

The company was experiencing a high volume of customer and service requests caused by an issue with its network.

“They’re having issues with the web-service infrastructure and they’re having to create a recovery mode,” said Andrea Rene Rivera, who works at an Amazon warehouse in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“And most people are telling us that a number of hours have gone by and we’re getting told that there is still no signs of improvement,” she added.

Sam Breisch, a worker from Huntington, Pennsylvania, said he has worked three days in a row without any kind of break or meal break and said his commute is “horrible.”

“I worked all night as I was told. Today I haven’t had my first meal, I’ve been told,” Breisch said. “But there’s still a lot of people working and they tell us that we have to keep going.”

Breisch said he doesn’t blame the company for the outage.

“We work for Amazon and they put us on this hard path and if they can’t handle that I don’t think that they deserve to be in the business of being one of the best employers in the country,” he said.

Amazon was encouraging customers to “mitigate strain” by seeking alternative shipping methods and using “consumer chat” to ask customer service agents about any shipping issues they may have.

The company also warned customers to expect service delays to the “very highest customers,” as well as with critical shipping applications.

Amazon’s “Instant Pickup” pilot is in operation in Dallas, and is available to Prime members who order a new television, set-top box, video game console, cell phone, e-reader or other Amazon device with a “coupon redemption code.”

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