America’s newest national park lets you hike up to the base of a lost angel

Customers can sign up to experience the edge of the world for a base fee of $25 (£19)

Zion National Park has updated its boundaries to allow hikers to take a spooky short hike to a lost group of angels at the top of the cliff at Honeycomb Canyon.

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The new route won’t be for non-hikers though, with visitors required to register online for a base fee of $25 (£19) and then pay an additional $5 per head for each additional adult.

Those who refuse to pay can be turned away. There is also a ban on any using their cellphones, including cameras.

Only 26 of the original 190 boulders on the southern rim have been confirmed, with another 200 believed to remain. The new route ascends 134 steps, with the Angels Landing rest at a natural cliff-face.

Under last year’s re-filing of the boundaries, Zion was allowed to build a parking lot along the southern rim between the Lost Gateway and Cottonwood Viewpoint exit. The northern section also added several new trails.

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The park was the first in the US to be managed by the National Park Service, and now covers more than 44,000 acres. It is the third largest national park in the country, it is home to some of the most dramatic rock formations in the US, and it is the only national park east of the Mississippi River that can be accessed via highway.

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