At least 29 people killed in boat wreck near Nigerian coast

At least 29 people died when a boat carrying students from a boarding school for girls in Nigeria capsized on Tuesday, authorities and survivors said. The passengers had been heading to another town after attending a visit to Borneo by some students from the boarding school for girls, said Sailendra Prasad, director of the Maritime Safety and Fisheries Department in Bayelsa state. Police spokesman Inuwa John-Kayode, said 29 bodies had been recovered and another 30 survivors had been recovered. “The passengers were mainly from the state capital Yenagoa,” the state government said in a statement.

The latest disaster comes less than a month after more than 160 people, mostly children, died when a boat sank during a storm on Lagos-Kano route, Nigeria’s biggest seaport. M.T Omotayo, a resident in the area, said she knew of two local boarding schools with huge slums of over 20,000 students, many of whom live in makeshift shelters near the schools. “There is too much traffic in these suburbs, and there are so many students involved … it is really a hazard,” she said.

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