Belgium: Slovenia fans bring chickens to football parade

Image copyright AFP Image caption The young dragon egg is cracked open

Six weeks before the conclusion of the biggest football tournament on the planet, the nation of football fans in Europe has simply one thing on its mind. The team’s upcoming elimination.

And with no sign of a change of heart on the way, Slovenia has already begun working on alternatives to their lost cause.

The newest fans of the national team – the Balkan country’s current juniors take on Croatia in Amsterdam on Monday – have decided to adopt a uniquely Slovenian cheerleader – an egg.

Image copyright AFP Image caption The new fans each hold a fry-up

It seems the nation will live on the sad cocktail of eggs, beans and bacon until the loss to France in the final next month in Moscow.

The most die-hard are holding rosary beads aloft, a Slovenian tradition, while others are holding fry-ups rather than the traditional egg cup because they feel better with more greenery in their mouths.

Image copyright AFP Image caption They’re holding rosary beads in desperation

A group of new fans from central Slovenia took a local farmer to a dairy and displayed his product to colleagues who immediately began discussing how to copy it at work.

Together they brought home five of the farm’s chickens and got the others involved, mimicking similar egg ceremonies of their farming counterparts in Germany.

Image copyright AFP Image caption Even the eggs are desperate for football success

Over in Teračan, one of the local football loving regions, a chicken sanctuary organised by local children has been set up as a makeshift team on a bet with their friends that the babies will see the September 26 football “apology” return to Slovenia.

Image copyright AFP Image caption We really should see the chickens pulling the same stunt

The chickens are sad to be rejected by their families but admit that their German owners will allow them to cheer on the national team.

For their part, the Slovenia fans have chosen a new chant.

They only have the verdict of one bird on their hands but want to make sure their country is not forgotten in the build-up to Russia, hoping the eggs will help them win the march in the egg stakes.

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