Billie Eilish, the new generation of voices for young girls, scares away ‘SNL’ producers

Billie Eilish made her first appearance on Saturday Night Live this week, and as seen in the video below, she was faced with the task of performing a song as well as an extra skit.

Singing her full version of the song “Girl,” she was forced to jokingly check her teeth to see if she’d actually gotten them whitened. Eilish apologized to the producers at SNL for the extra skit, but was eventually relieved and told to go back to working on her sing.

Eilish was slated to perform another one of her singles, “Perfectly Imperfect,” but thanks to a technical snafu, the NBC show was forced to cut her out. According to The Hollywood Reporter, she was so upset about the cut that she threatened to delete her Instagram.

It seems Eilish may have reconsidered her plan, as she made an appearance in the second part of the extra skit, “Do Not Disturb,” in which she and co-host Bobby Moynihan play people who have trouble finding any success in their workplaces.

Eilish’s star is currently rising. After making her television debut on the 12th season of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she sang and performed as a duet with Demi Lovato, she quickly garnered massive online attention after emerging as a voice for many young girls, and many of her idols, including Pink and Ariana Grande. On an episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Eilish performed her song “Girl” alongside Grande herself. In between stops on SNL, Eilish has been interviewed in all major media outlets, including Variety, Vulture, and The New York Times.


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