Boris Johnson pictured hosting Downing Street virtual Christmas quiz last year

Legendary Conservative backbencher Boris Johnson was spotted last year hosting a virtual Christmas quiz on Downing Street – posting an amusing response to one competitor on Twitter.

Video posted on Twitter showed Mr Johnson clapping enthusiastically as the quiz questions were asked.

One winner asked “would you rather a pint of shandy with a tonne of onions or a ham sandwich with loads of veg?” Mr Johnson replied “both! But without the onions!”.

Many winners were told they had been too late, but a Twitter user appeared to have beaten him to it.

Others were asked the question: “Would you rather a pint of beer or a pint of Harvey’s”. The answer: “Whoever wins this is the winner!”

One member of staff was asked “Which of these is an old favourite?”, to which the answer was, “Her Majesty.” The quiz board also stated “no ifs, buts or maybes” under the headline “You are the winner”.

Great to see Boris Johnson @BorisJohnson at #MLP today.

From a new crop of competitors there are lots of signs the PM should be extremely worried.

With no toothbrushes! — Emma Johnson (@emmajohnson_org) March 28, 2018

Mr Johnson resigned last month as Foreign Secretary over Mrs May’s Brexit deal.

He has since called for a second referendum, and said he was “still a rebel”.

He hit back at criticism of his leadership ambitions when asked about Margaret Thatcher by BBC radio earlier this week.

“I’m not just about trying to succeed somebody else,” he said.

“I was born with that in my DNA. I’m a successful rebel, if you like, which means being a risk-taker and I’m playing in a very crowded field with lots of people having lots of ambitions, who want to succeed me… I’m putting my hand up and fighting.”

(c) Sky News 2019: Boris Johnson pictured hosting Downing Street virtual Christmas quiz last year

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