Why do I hate ‘diets’ so much ?

Well most importantly they don’t work! Think about it if diets actually worked there would be only ONE… but there isn’t! Every January brings even more of these diets that just do not work whether it’s a diet that promises to help you lose weight like some TV star (who put it all back on, then lost it again then put it all back on, Think Clare from Steps, Josie Gibson and Sonia from Eastenders) or a shake that will support all your nutritional needs whilst helping you lose weight (except they don’t at all). One of my favourites, the diet groups where the person leading the class, summoning members up to the front to be weighed, are themselves overweight! If the diet works so well surely they should be in great shape? Motivation right there!

The diets I hate the most

There are too many fad diets for me to write about in one blog, So I’ll just tell you about one of the worst offenders, the ones that are plastered all over social media sites, praying on people that are desperate to lose weight and ripping them off. These are the ‘shake diets’. Usually part of a pyramid scheme (network marketing). This kind of quick fix diet won’t work for you in the long term and can actually lead to you gaining more weight! There are a number of reasons for this, one being that you need to chew solid food for your body to send the message to your brain that you are full, by drinking shakes instead of eating quality food it is highly likely you will end up eating more and gaining weight rather than losing fat. This explains why shakes are often used by people trying to GAIN weight such as body builders who physically can’t eat any more food.

The secret to a healthy body

I could go on about all the detrimental effects of these diets forever, but the take home message after reviewing ANY fad diet is always the same; overall balance is the key to achieve optimum health. Shake diets can’t give you this nor can any diet that completely eliminates a food group.

Enjoy it!

Probably the worst attribute of any of these diets is that they make you miserable. Life is too short. If you can’t see yourself living (happily) on whatever diet you’re on now, it’s not going to work trust me! Educate yourself on what the right foods are to eat, get that right, take supplements where necessary and enjoy the food you eat.

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