Dr. Seuss’ The Little Prince Gets A New Life On Broadway

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America’s favorite windbags – the cast of America’s Got Talent – will have to get a little Prince on Broadway. Dr. Seuss’ beloved The Little Prince comes to life for the first time ever on the big stage next spring. Dance, music and acrobatics will be the main features of the show, “where puppets talk and tiny people walk,” according to Roger Nettelbeck, who will write the script for the show.

FOX’s Alex Hein follows the storyline…

Bjork’s musical Strictly Devotion hit the UK and played a sell-out run in the US, where it was nominated for a Tony. The surreal rock opera by the Icelandic artist presents a near comic take on biblical themes in a faithful adaptation of Michael Kamen’s book “The Book of Job.”

Now director and choreographer Doug Hughes wants to bring the same theatricality to the show by using a live orchestra, a special lighting system and re-inventing the visual effects to create vivid imagery.

Hughes also reveals that he designed the show’s 40 costumes, all of which are made from vintage clothing donated by fans.

Watch for the The Little Prince on Broadway next Spring.

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