Enjoy a stylish pop-up Christmas party at one of Toronto’s chic Christmas markets

To kick off the holiday season in Toronto, the Collège Métier d’Art and Diversité pour Montréal (CMAM) commissioned and curated a street-front pop-up bar in the heart of Toronto’s hip Diverse Market district. It’s the perfect place to kick-off a fancy cocktail or full meal of festive fare. All that’s required is a cheery spirit or two, if you want a divine cocktail served on the rocks and an order of succulent savoury treats, otherwise you’ll be okay just sipping a glass of local gins and tonics at your table.

The Martini Bar boasts a stock of 250-plus martinis and a special selection of festive libations to satisfy all tastes, while a selection of savoury dishes makes it the perfect choice for tastebuds who may feel a bit chilly this time of year. As well as chilled hot dishes – take the classic Caesar salad, or light as a feather barbecued pulled pork béchamel – there are drinks for every spirit, including Jägermeister and kakafebe (an intensely sweet Aperol and honey cocktail).

Situated under the verandah of a classic Toronto bungalow on Divan Terrace, the PURE by Flavour will offer diners the all-important choice of warm drinks or light fare (think a side of Dutch oven-fried duck, wild rice, foie gras and poached quince) to go with your savoury and spicy treats. The brand new bar is launched by Toronto restaurant owner and beverage entrepreneur, Tomko Wong.

Finally, between 12pm and 6pm on November 2, there will be a grand opening at Station Gallery Brasserie. The late-night “pop-up bar” transforms Toronto’s historic Station Gallery and surrounds into an old-world Christmas-themed bar.

Station Gallery will be open to the public from 1pm on Saturday, November 3 and from 10am onwards the following day, daily. Each cocktail will be priced at $8 (plus service) and beer will be served on tap. There’s more drink options than can be found at many public licensed bars. If beer’s more your thing, order a pint of well or a craft brew from the on-tap selection of 10 domestic and international beers, which can also be ordered by the glass. As well as more than a dozen sparkling wines, there are also several wines by the glass.

Located at 100 Queen St. W., Station Gallery Brasserie will also offer food for a limited time. You can enjoy artisanal, seasonal dishes, including apple crumble and caramel, oysters, ravioli, and veal in black bean butter sauce. To round out your evening, order some hot chocolate or mulled wine (if available).

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