Ex-lover of Jodi Arias was fired from performing troupe

Nick Lazzarini, the former partner of reported murderer Jodi Arias, has been removed from a New York City dance company tour.

The firm has reportedly also disbanded production company that would have worked with The Hollywood Reporter on the investigative reporting behind the story.

An insider told CNN that Lazzarini — who worked with Arias during her 2013-2014 trial — was disinvited from the company’s tour after the story hit last week.

Backed by publishers and media companies including the American Film Institute, the Hollywood Reporter partnered with ProPublica on a feature story about Arias and her relationship with Lazzarini. The investigation delved into the couple’s business partnership; articles also looked at aspects of her case, including her relationship with her primary attorney during sentencing.

Investigators spent six years pursuing the accusations against Arias after she was charged with killing her one-time boyfriend Travis Alexander in 2008, and would later find out she had previously admitted to stabbing him 27 times, slitting his throat and shooting him in the head.

Arias was convicted of first-degree murder in 2011 and sentenced to life in prison, but claimed she acted in self-defense. She appealed, but an Arizona appeals court denied her petition for new trial.

In April 2018, an Arizona appeals court overturned her murder conviction and ordered a new trial. Her second jury found her guilty of second-degree murder on May 8 of this year, resulting in a guilty verdict that is pending appeal.

Lazzarini was fired by Arias days after THR published its story, but continued to perform with the company as a freelance choreographer.

The full reports have been removed from The Hollywood Reporter’s website.

“There’s no indication whatsoever that Nick did anything wrong, that Jodi did anything wrong or any actual harm to anyone,” Rick Ehrenberg, a University of Chicago professor and professor emeritus of law, told CNN on Wednesday. “Just the way Arias spun it was she worked for Nick, he got really screwed.”

“She was feeling very angry about everything that was said about her and that was apparently when she leaned on him, probably, I don’t know, and he lost his temper,” Ehrenberg said.

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