Ex-Policeman Caught Smuggling Heroin Off the Border

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In May, Elizabeth Holmes’ life was forever changed when she stepped onto a stage in front of the media and the world to announce how she and her team at Theranos had developed an innovative blood test that could accurately detect a number of serious diseases, including cancer and even the Zika virus.

Anastasia Roberts and I were chatting with former pharmaceutical executive and 2016 Libertarian Party nominee for Vice President Luke Messer during “The Fix” podcast. A lot has changed in the last 2 years and the latter part of the podcast.

When we asked Luke how is Holmes has handled all of the bad press, he said, “I’ve been a long time fan of Elizabeth’s energy and I still feel that way. I’m disappointed in the fact that, unfortunately, it turned into this national scandal and obviously Elizabeth is being held accountable. But, I think it’s really great because the greatest thing that good, honest journalism can do is knock us off our level.”

Luke went on to say, “She’s a solid citizen who cares about human health. I think what this trial will show is that this is a nuclear conspiracy. It’s not just within the R&D group, it’s inside of CMS. It is the CVS Corporation. It is every aspect of the company.”

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Here are the highlights from today’s show!

Evelyn Nieves Ford, a Republican, and the founder of GW Strategies and a Republican Strategist is one of the first female Republican strategists and has extensive experience from the Republican side. Evelyn says it will be a race to watch this year as both genders have different needs.

David R. Gonzales, a conservative journalist and Editorial Director of InsideConservative.com, and also the author of “Abolish the IRS,” is here to offer his “side of the aisle” on this big issue.

“The Fix” features two former Vice Presidential Candidates as well as an Independence Party Candidate in November. Luke Messer is the Libertarian running mate for former Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

Evelyn Nieves Ford is the candidate for Pennsylvania in this fall’s race for Governor. Evelyn ran for Congress twice, most recently as the Green Party nominee in 2012 in the 14th District, a position she lost by 16 points to Republican Rep. Lou Barletta.

David Gonzales, Conservative and Editorial Director of InsideConservative.com says we have a voter’s paradise this year with a lot of undecided voters. The issue of immigration, who will be the next Supreme Court Justice, and the shutdown will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the election.

Evelyn points out that the political landscape has certainly shifted since the last presidential election. “I think the Republican Party has grown in general. There’s a great deal of anticipation that a woman is about to be elected President. Our country is more fractured than it was six years ago. And, if you will, the conservative movement has grown.”

David takes issue with the “Trump effect” and points out that Trump is a brand. “Trump has taken the #1 slot, it’s in the 800,000 tweets he’s actually tweeted, and it has always been really easy for people to tweet and use Trump. The problem is, he’s the #1 slot. Everybody on the conservative side loves him. He’s going to have his free ride.”

Electability has been the buzz word, and Evelyn explains why. “I think who is going to be the most electable is probably the most important thing to the next general election. Whoever can move their message to the people will be the most effective campaigner.”

Then, we interview Michigan Senate candidate Lena Epstein.

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