Fabulous Spaces: Kim Abeles’ house garden


House and garden

Kim Abeles’ company, Day and Woods, create recycled furniture made from tree waste.

Every morning, rain and shine, Kim Abeles takes the temperature of her home: it is 60 degrees centigrade. Inside the domestic temperature range is irrelevant. It’s all about how the temperature in the house affects how Abeles wants to sleep. Abeles is in the snow garden on the roof to create her dream home.

“The house takes about an hour to build each night. By midnight I usually know where I am going to sleep that night and what time it is so I can adjust accordingly. It is intense at first but after awhile I realise the weather. In terms of energy saving, too much time in the sun can really be detrimental to your health. I’m a big fan of proper ventilation.”

A graduate of Cardiff University, Abeles has spent two decades producing furniture made from recycled materials and interiors using reclaimed flooring and mill-board found in junk yards and the waste beds of the Amazon jungle. Now, she is working on what she calls a “futuristic botanical house”, a great convergence of technology and regeneration that uses solar panels and renewable technology to help her to reduce carbon emissions.

“The house will also have bio-forging (reuse of car ash as sawdust, oak seedlings, bamboo) and spirulina (an aquatic algae that produces nutrient-rich water that’s useful for irrigation) for a whole host of plants that we want to re-colonise the Amazon basin. I imagine the house will be a place for contemplation and reflection. It is not intended to be a permanent home, but a symbol of a sustainable future.”

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