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Written by by Gabriella Simon, CNN

More than ever, it’s clear the world’s economies, societies and conflicts are in crisis.

By now it is well understood that war, financial crisis and environmental degradation are eating away at the fabric of the world we know.

As CNN Hero Day approaches on Sunday, September 30, a platform has emerged to recognize extraordinary people from all walks of life — from devotes in the arts to mothers or survivors of natural disasters — who’ve been working to resolve these problems.

A few ideas are easy enough to make up: stop the war. Make sure your local water supply is safe. You could collect recycled bottles to give a better environment for your community.

The challenge? How can we find a common ground to stop this current instability and wait until the world’s leaders and leaders of tomorrow can find solutions to the problems of the 21st century?

CNN Hero Day is organized by The Refugee Council, a charity that helps resettle refugees into their new homes. It’s helped almost 1 million refugees find a safe place to call home, and helps them to become the kind of people to give back to their home countries.

CNN Hero Day is a great chance to ask some questions — asking it after you are done with your volunteer project is just fine — and help us decide which of the hundreds of thousands of remarkable stories published this year deserves to be known to more people.

As a part of the voting process, we have curated a selection of ten candidates that we feel are not only giving back to their community, but also to the world at large. We have a more specific criteria when it comes to which projects we will choose. They are likely to inspire the widest audience.

We also want you to participate. Once a day, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (on Thursday and Friday) we’ll ask you to vote for your favorite projects from this list.

You can vote for people who are still in the running for CNN Hero of the Year. Just sign up here to get updates about who’s been shortlisted, and vote for your favorites.

So, go to of Top Ten Projects — and get clicking!

You can also vote in the Elections section by clicking on the person you think should be the next CNN Hero.

And now you’re ready for your second day of the voting! Please remember to choose a side, and vote as often as you can to help choose the two most deserving projects for next year.

Good luck!

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