How the bug in Apple’s software is still affecting your devices

Hewlett Packard, Dell, Microsoft, and Intel have called on Apple to do more to fix a software flaw affecting their products, after the company said last week that it had fixed the issue on a “widespread” basis.

The major techs joined forces after Apple told its customers last Friday that it had “unrecoverable” vulnerability in the macOS operating system. A simple internet search showed the flaw has been found in Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, and more.

The bug could allow hackers to steal passwords or store digital keys for accessing other computers and networks, according to Apple, who sent out a software update on Friday.

Customers “will not have to do anything beyond updating to a newer system,” Apple said in a statement at the time. It explained that the issue does not affect iPhones, iPads, or iMac computers.

Apple denied reports that the flaw could be used to hack into iPhones.

But customers who’ve downloaded the fix will still see updated software. This is to prevent malware from hijacking its update, according to a statement from Microsoft.

Several techs have already addressed the issue, however, including Apple, whose laptops and desktops have been rendered inaccessible for a few hours, and Dell, who said it was “very committed to protecting the security of its users” and would be working on a software update soon.

“There is a large risk of harm here,” the open source software expert Mike Cerny told CNNTech. “Cyber criminals will be trying to find ways to leverage this vulnerability.”

As of Wednesday morning, Cerny estimates that 16 companies have fixed the issue, but many more have not.

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