Immigrant superheroes in Toronto ramp up fight against flu epidemic

(Update: The team at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario have decided to join the advisory group.)

Superheroes have been hitting the streets of downtown Toronto since Saturday to fight a cold and flu epidemic sweeping the city and causing major congestion.

“Think of it as an extra long summer workout,” stated the description on a Facebook post by New York-based superhero group Immigrant Heroes, one of the city’s few official superhero groups.

On Sunday morning, I pledged my undying service. The colder weather has ushered in COVID-19 and Canadians are suffering from it. It’s been nine years since our last zombie and we’re not stopping!

The group, which has organised a donation drive for Edmonton-based Canadian Blood Services, a marathon swim, superhero bike ride and superhero build-a-thon to raise awareness of immigrants in Toronto, set a goal to vaccinate every first-grader in the Greater Toronto Area by the end of the day on Saturday, which they accomplished.

The Canadian government has just announced the vaccine was available, according to several media reports.

The charity posting on Facebook wrote, “What a weekend! A walk through the streets of Toronto with your fellow Immigrant Heroes for vaccine drives and a $35,000 dollar toy drive! So much good to come out of this and so many amazing stories to tell!”

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