Influenza outbreak in New York state grows, restricting non-residents

The outbreak is characterized by severe case of influenza-like illness and deaths among people younger than 65 years of age, according to the CDC website. People over 65 and those with chronic medical conditions or conditions associated with a weakened immune system are not at risk of serious complications from the outbreak. As of September 9, more than 600 cases had been reported nationwide.

Why are certain counties restricted by New York state?

The state has issued order No. 1304-15. It began with a temporary restriction on travel to 21 counties and ended with order No. 1305-14 on September 7. About 24,000 travelers from those counties are in the area. Those with a current order cannot enter or re-enter the travel restriction areas, according to the website.

Exceptions include for people who are in Maine, who are exempt if they have a current travel order in place and have an airplane ticket and will arrive in time to be able to board a flight. These exceptions and extra security screening for individuals is being conducted at airports in Boston, New York, Albany, Romeoville, Elgin, Thornwood, and Madison, Ill. They include New York City airports JFK and LaGuardia and the Quad Cities in the Quad Cities.

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