‘Like a kid in a candy store’: A teen ‘scared out of her friggin’ mind’ at being tattooed by Justin Bieber

As many Torontonians have endured this long and difficult fall, many others have been unexpectedly and terribly hurt. So strong have been feelings of insecurity that some young people are bringing their downtown apartments to a halt, trying to protect themselves, for now.

A 16-year-old girl opened the front door of her downtown Toronto apartment early in the morning, finding a Justin Bieber tattoo on her bedroom wall.

She didn’t think much about it, until a few months later when she noticed a wad of cash in her chequebook that someone had stolen from her.

She was afraid she’d be singled out by gossipers, so she locked herself in her room and called her mom, who said, “A girl had a Justin Bieber tattoo! And she stole money!”

So she locked herself in her bedroom for several hours. And when she got out and went to her parents’ condo — also downtown — she found herself being patted down by a security guard.

Her son wasn’t happy. He told her, “Don’t wear that stupid Justin Bieber tattoo. You just stole money from someone and now you’re going to get picked on for it.”

And so, like so many Torontonians who have been forced to deal with the long, cold stretches of dry air and snow — and who have lost contact with loved ones abroad — she’s chosen to stay indoors, at least until the weather is better.

Kevin Donovan: “For no reason, I found out my car had been stolen from my driveway on Spadina.” – okmagazine.com.

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