Man uncovers abandoned baby in NYC subway

Image copyright Metropolitan Transit Authority Image caption For more than 30 years Stokes worked to reunite members of the tragic child’s family

For more than 30 years, Stokes Haney has cared for abandoned children.

But, last July, he found an abandoned baby in an NYC subway tunnel.

After pulling the baby from the track, Mr Haney and his team spoke to the child’s mother.

According to New York Times, Stokes Haney said: “My people called her… within a couple hours she was able to confirm she was from Venezuela and she had not seen her daughter since 2008.”

The mother had become separated from her husband while on a return trip from the birth of her child.

“The umbilical cord was attached but the baby was not dead. She was blind, without a leg and with her hands hanging down in front of her face,” Mr Haney recalled.

“She explained that she thought she had left her daughter behind, but she was so desperate she didn’t think twice about finding her.”

The child’s mother and father eventually reunited, where they were both delighted and terrified at the same time, according to New York Times.

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