More than monkeys! Learn more about St. Petersburg’s beloved Hermitage

(WTNH) -The live animals, the wire mesh cages, and the constant threat of escape. The Hermitage Museum is known for its animals. The Hermitage was dedicated to creating an experience for visitors, beginning with the Mona Lisa. Every year, 40 million visitors flock to the museum in St. Petersburg, Russia to see the museum’s most famous animal exhibit, St. Petersburg’s Hermitage Great Cats and Dogs!

Every year, 200,000 cats and 90,000 dogs enter the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. The animals are fed all-day and have two baths every day. Rooms at the Hermitage are divided into four hallways with electric fences within each hallway. Even rooms within the hallways where a cat isn’t moving, the door is not locked.

Throughout the museum, there are 275 animals to watch, including, lions, tigers, hyenas, panthers, bears, cats, foxes, and dogs. There are also some rare breeds of animals such as Amur tigers. And, there are no limits to what you can see inside the Hermitage!

Have you ever thought to yourself, why is the Hermitage so obsessed with their animals? We’ll show you a way to find out!

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