National Transportation Safety Board releases report of Missouri flood damage

Preliminary findings of the National Transportation Safety Board in a report released on Monday describe a number of scenes of intense and tragic devastation during the state’s deadly floods.

The report says it seems that people “will be calling the loss of their homes and possessions their worst losses.”

The report cites “complete loss” of the Perry family home in Monroe County as one of the worst instances of damage from the floods. In addition, “there were reports of rural and local culverts, roads, culverts, stream banks, bridges, and rail beds” being washed away and harming the travel conditions for people trying to get home.

Other reports mentioned townships and neighborhoods “taken over by water,” as well as tearing up streets, roads, drainage systems, parking lots, swimming pools, golf courses, theatres, and football fields. Even a small church in one county “was being taken over by water.”

Full investigation results, including agency findings and recommendations, are due to be released by the NTSB by January.

Read the report in full here.

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