On MSNBC, Fox News watchers might finally get to see a ‘Fox News 3’

Another top member of Fox News, Chris Wallace, announced Wednesday he will join CNN as a political contributor beginning next month.

In a piece for Newsday, Mr. Wallace called his move to CNN “bittersweet.” He said it “hit me like a ton of bricks” when he first heard from CNN. But once he decided that this was the best decision, “all that anger dissipated, and I felt good.”

Mr. Wallace began as a Fox News personality in 2002, according to The Atlantic. But he had publicly and privately been vocal about his frustration with the way he has been treated at Fox News, especially by the network’s network and executive leadership team. He even spoke out about the network during his broadcast last July, to discuss an election night that he felt went from bad to worse: “CNN didn’t cut any slack to Trump or Clinton or their surrogates; MSNBC gave a reasonable hearing to everyone.” Mr. Wallace also made a passionate plea on air to Fox to rethink its treatment of him and other conservative hosts, following the departure of dozens of Republican contributors from the network following the election.

The announcement from Mr. Wallace also coincided with CNN’s bumping another Fox News veteran, Bret Baier, to permanent anchor of its major election night shows: The Lead with Jake Tapper, The Situation Room and Anderson Cooper 360. Mr. Baier, who will also co-anchor Anderson Cooper 360 with his former Fox colleagues, Lou Dobbs and Kirsten Powers, is now MSNBC’s permanent primetime host of Sunday Morning Futures.

Mr. Wallace had previously said that he planned to retire once he reached the age of 80, but it remains to be seen if that retirement plan will stand if the past few months are any indication.

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