On the News: Bay Area Man Uses Machete to fight Off Home Invasion Robbers

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An armed man stabbed a would-be-victim with a machete during a home invasion in San Francisco today.

But that would-be victim fought back, using the weapon against his attackers and eventually killing one.

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Police said the 30-year-old man went to the home in the 700 block of Cowardin Avenue to confront his ex-girlfriend whom he’s believed to have had a sexual relationship with.

They say the man locked himself in the room and a second person came inside. They also say the man’s alleged attacker stabbed him several times with a machete, but the wounded man managed to get the machete away from the would-be attacker.

Police say the would-be victim then grabbed a pistol from the house and shot one of the assailants.

Police said they are looking for another person they believe came to the home during the attack, who police believe is in danger, but have not yet decided whether to press charges against that person.

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