Pentagon reportedly launching office to investigate UFOs, aliens

The Pentagon is reportedly launching a new agency to deal with UFOs and aliens.

The US Navy’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, which explored the phenomenon, was shut down in 2011.

But a report by the Associated Press now says that the Pentagon is in the process of launching an office at its Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program Office and is leading a task force to explore unidentified aerial phenomena in the US and globally.

The report says the White House also approved funding in December. A Pentagon spokesman told the AP that the new program will focus on “U.S. Navy sensitive research and unmanned aerial system capabilities and current or future missions.”

The report says that officials aren’t ready to announce the opening of the new unit, and will hold a series of public meetings in the coming months.

Mike Wynne, who led the Navy’s Center for Marine Air Warfare Research, will head the new office, the report says. Wynne was among the people briefed on the task force.

US military personnel across various branches have reported the bizarre occurrences, including aircraft that appeared to hover and photos of “white birds” that appeared to circle above. UFO sightings have also reportedly been reported in space and in the moon’s orbit.

Some researchers and researchers at New York University also have been looking into similar phenomena, while making connections between humans and ancient civilizations known in the East.

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