Phoenix airport crash: Man jumps out of taxi

Image copyright AFP Image caption Hector Tireones bailed out as he was about to enter the plane

A man jumped out of a cab as he was about to enter a plane at a Phoenix airport, leaving the taxiing aircraft on its side, police say.

It was not clear what the man was doing at the airport.

It happened around 02:55 BST on Monday, and the taxi has been cleared of all passengers and is being inspected, Sky Harbor Airport spokeswoman Laura McElroy said.

Police have arrested Hector Tiresones, 30, and said he was trying to board a plane.

Image copyright Police Image caption A first-aid unit met the taxi after it landed

“He was seen climbing out of the vehicle and jumping out as the taxi was taxiing to the aircraft,” she said.

Earlier media reports had put the time of the jump at 22:17 BST.

The BBC’s Staff Writer in Phoenix, Jason Geery, said the airport was back to normal after the incident.

Image copyright Reuters Image caption Police investigating the incident have arrested a man for disorderly conduct

The Department of Safety and Security, the airport police department and the Federal Aviation Administration are investigating the incident.

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