Polar Bears and Penguins: The Ingenious People Who Don’t Make Lists

An aggrieved forest elephants

A rickshaw puller in the Swat Valley, Pakistan, with his saddled elephant.

Hullabaloo in red ocean waters

An immense bull shark fed on schools of fish in the South Pacific Ocean. The shark and the porpoise dive together.

Newborn polar bear

A newborn female polar bear breaks free of her mother, Hermann, at the Katrineen Zoo in Oslo, Norway. In wild bears, there are typically no two pups. In this case, this newborn was very different.

Dusk at the far-north pole

Edson Lejeune, 9, of Peru, with the globe at his feet and polar bears in the background. “Today, I went out to pose with the polar bears for my award show in Buenos Aires and with the exception of a child playing in the foreground, there is no other light in the land other than the polar bears and (your) words,” he said.

Rock and a hard place

An angry elephant near the town of Kokore, Western Kenya. The tuskers, ferocious males, stand above their victims, “knocking them into the air,” according to the WWF’s Brigitte Le Roy.

Love in the bush

Naomi Robson prepares a love potion in a bottle, in the Kennedy Forest, Mungong National Park, North-West Tanzania. Said to have been created as a wound remedy millennia ago, Robson believes it’s useful for elephants.

Soothing elephant

Albert Kimisa dons a protective mask as he tries to calm a rambunctious elephant off a South Korean man, who had accidentally hurt the animal.

The king’s elephants

After thousands of years, elephants live in peace on the Okavango Delta of Botswana, peacefully grazing and in love with each other.

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