Sativa Shakes Viva High Pro Protein Powder Review & Discount Code

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It is really important to make sure we get enough protein in our diets.  Whatever your goals; losing fat or gaining lean muscle mass, adequate protein intake is really important. It helps us feel fuller for longer and is essential for muscle growth and repair.

On average people need 0.8 – 2g of protein per pound of body weight depending on activity levels or goals (such as trying to increase muscle mass).  I personally find it difficult to ‘eat’ enough to meet my own personal requirements therefore protein shakes play a vital role in my diet.

I love trying out new protein powders and these are definitely one of my favorites! I have tried quite a few brands of Vegan friendly protein powders and this one scores top marks!

Sativa Shakes are dairy free which means they are perfect for vegans and those of you that are lactose intolerant. I am neither vegan or lactose intolerant but do like to keep my dairy intake low which means I am often looking for an alternative to whey protein powders so I was really excited to try this.

The Nutrition

The Viva High Pro powders –

  • Deliver more that 22g of protein per serving (this is the same as many brands of whey protein I use)
  • Are low in carbohydrates with just 0.4g of sugar per serving.
  • Are Dairy Free & Lactose Free
  • Are Gluten Free
  • Non GM
  • Low Calorie (105 kcal /serving)
  • A blend of pea, soy, hemp and brown rice protein
  • sweetened with the natural sweetener Stevia.

The Flavors


Viva High Pro comes in 2 different flavors; Chocolate & Caramel and Strawberry & Banana. They both taste amazing I use the Strawberry & Banana in my post workout smoothie and I love baking with the Chocolate and Caramel one, I have used it to make my banana bread  and protein pancakes. They also make perfect post workout shakes on their own just mix with water or almond milk in a shaker.

The Taste.

I have tried quite a few vegan protein powders lately and this is definitely the best tasting and is the only one I actually enjoy the taste of just mixed with water on its own. I usually always have to find ways to mask the taste of other ones (or hold my nose and down them which is not what you want).

Shake it

One issue i almost always have with other non dairy protein powders is how well they mix in a shaker with water, I’m lazy and I can’t be bothered to wash the blender more than once a day so this is REALLY important to me, I have to be able to add a scoop to some water, shake it and drink it without it being lumpy or gritty, this does that perfectly 🙂 yey finally found one!

For more information and to view the full range of products please go to 

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