Spa carer sacked for allowing small monkeys to live with her

Living in Madrid can be a real challenge when you have to manage a tiny living space – especially when that tiny living space includes monkeys.

But one psychologist from the Spanish capital had the cheek to note this irony to four barrow-headed monkeys at an education centre in Benidorm, Spain last week.

A local group, Animal Security Foundation, posted on Twitter screenshots of an email the psychologist had sent.

They say she wanted to organise a virtual reality simulation session which would allow children to get a close-up look at the monkeys – but never made it.

They say she sent them a series of emails offering a “perfect solution” – but after the group called back to say she had to cancel to work on a new project, she was offered a “modest donation”.

Their next reply was an email from Ms Diaz herself – in which she was informed she would “have to live in a cage and a small fenced area for a month”.

So what happens to such monkeys? Well they aren’t put down, so they usually spend their time by a river or in a zoo.

They also are given electroshocking to ensure they don’t get aggressive – or use something similar to a human.

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