Tickets to Salman Khan’s Closing Gala are selling for thousands

Dubai International Film Festival is hosting it’s grand closing gala on Friday evening, and it promises to be a wild one, with speeches by Salman Khan, and classical musicians Jean-Luc Godard and Nile Rodgers, alongside some pretty spectacular red carpet action. This is a chance to see and be seen, and most importantly enjoy a little bit of films and theatre.

The Independent Filmmaker Project is also up and running in Dubai. During the days the members of the crew and the creative team are allowed to create their own short films. The shorts they make are of all different genres and focus on various topics. They will be screening a few of their own short films at the Al Ghusais on Thursday.

There are many special events and gatherings throughout the week – over 90 events altogether. Film screenings and film-themed shows are always a highlight.

It’s fair to say that the Al Ghusais has a lot to live up to. It’s a fabulous space with incredible views over the Arabian Gulf. Even better, it’s surrounded by sand dunes and stunning coral reefs, and has a beautiful restaurant, a lot of photogenic plants, a restaurant, and two pools.

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