Travis Scott responds to injury claims after concert

Written by Staff Writer Lisa Kaas Boyle, CNN • Updated 3rd March 2021

Travis Scott is responding to an allegation from his former employee that he failed to communicate about injuries to a fan during an Astroworld concert, despite being aware of the incident.

In an interview with hip-hop and TV personality Charlamagne tha God, Scott denied knowing about injuries to his show-goers, including a man who appeared to have a concussion after being hit in the head with a water bottle.

Travis Scott and his wife Kylie Jenner

The accused, Sonny Skinner, claims he was hired by Scott and took part in the production of the rapper’s “Astroworld” tour and was employed to handle all crowd control and safety matters, including attendance for Scott’s and his team’s security cameras.

Scott and his crew received reports of crowd control issues and injuries during the October 2017 show in San Diego, Skinner said.

With Scott’s team in attendance, “I was tapped into (Travis Scott’s management) and shared a list of five-point security protocol protocols … which included the water bottle incident,” Skinner said in the interview.

On that night, Scott and the crew arrived to find one of the security cameras “beheaded,” Skinner said.

A woman lays down on a stretcher after suffering injuries during an autograph session at the AT&T Center. Image Credit: Victoria Jones/Getty Images for Just for Laughs

“They stopped the show to make sure everybody was OK,” Skinner said.

Even so, Scott failed to notify security staff that fans had been injured, according to Skinner.

Scott’s crew reportedly didn’t contact 911, while paramedics were unable to treat all of the victims because they couldn’t communicate with the stadium control room because of the platform’s low ceilings.

A woman lies down on a stretcher after suffering injuries at an autograph session at the AT&T Center. Image Credit: Victoria Jones/Getty Images for Just for Laughs

According to Skinner, Scott also failed to alert his team members who were in attendance at the show to update their security protocols and injury treatment procedures.

He later texted Scott’s security representatives on the night in question with an apparent email titled “Injury” and accompanied by a photo of a man and a woman lying on the ground.

A woman injured at an Astroworld concert is treated by paramedics after the show. Image Credit: Getty Images

The purported email said: “I just witnessed an injury in the concert area…Minor but stay away from the area…This is an emergency…”

Charlamagne tha God later tweeted that he received a WhatsApp message from an anonymous person that gave “all the details about the concert.”

After Travi$ Scott knows about his employees injuries at the show, he lies to Charlamagne tha God and tells him, “we done everything right in this show…. I say every lit candle, putting up every sign, I put people on all the monitors.” No one @ TravisScott should be this uneducated. — Charlamagne Tha God (@cthagod) February 24, 2017

“It’s horrible how he felt that we couldn’t just get real, and the way he twisted it, like, ‘We done everything right in this show,’ ” Skinner said in the interview.

In a response to a CNN inquiry, Scott’s publicist, Viviana Arroyo, said, “We don’t comment on how Travis Scott and his team respond to the traveling press. He constantly speaks to the press during his performances.”

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