Would you like to help save the planet? Here’s one pop star’s secret to doing just that

“It’s very hard to do eight things every year, but you know what, with National Geographic coming down the pike, that’s something that I’d like to accomplish in addition to the rest of my bucket list,” Will Smith said on his local NBC affiliate when speaking about a documentary, titled “Welcome to Earth,” now airing on National Geographic Channel. “It’s a thought provoking documentary that exposes what planet we’re on and what planet we want to inhabit.”

Inspired by a quote by Louis Zamperini, who died two years ago, “I died 10,000 times and lived 10,000 times over,” Smith spent two years traveling and filming around the world in order to help us all find a balance on Earth.

“I hope to inspire people to take steps, to find a little bit of balance, to make a statement of solidarity, and say enough is enough,” Smith said.

In a clip released Thursday, Smith points to the Earth and says, “If we start moving now, we could save the planet from the obliteration that is to come.”

If you’re still unsure about the value of Smith’s on-point documentary, you could always check out Nicole Kidman’s awesome scream.

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